The Dan Allen Center for Social Justice Presents
The SummerStage Tulsa 2018 Production of
“Shades of White”
written by playwright Ilan Kozlowski and directed by Rebecca Ungerman.

As part of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center’s SummerStage 2018, the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice will produce a new original dramatic comedy, “Shades of White.” The play is written by local playwright Ilan Kozlowski and directed by Rebecca Ungerman. Uplifting, humorous and ultimately hopeful, "Shades of White" is a fast-paced serio-comedy that is relevant for our world today. The play’s themes, which include combating hate, prejudice and racism with unconditional love and paths to reconciliation, are in keeping with the Dan Allen Center’s mission. “Shades of White” will be performed at the John H. Williams Theater at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center on Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23 at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $18 for groups of ten or more, or $17 as part of the SummerStage festival pass for three or more SummerStage shows. Information about tickets can be found at the Summer Stage website:; or by calling the PAC at: (918) 596-7111. All proceeds will go to support the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice.

Can you help us continue the mission of Father Dan Allen?

Limited edition collector’s book.  Dan’s War on Poverty tells the story of the late Father Dan Allen, the crusading priest who founded Tulsa's Neighbor for Neighbor program. Proceeds benefit the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice, a nonprofit organization that fosters social justice through education.

Please help continue Dan's work by sending your tax-deductible donation to the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice today. While supplies last, with a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more we will send you an autographed first edition hard bound copy of Dan’s story in Dan’s War on Poverty

Paperback edition now available. If you would like to order a paperback version from the author, Ann Patton, on her website click here.

Note: Purchases of the paperback book are not tax-deductible and funds do not directly support the Dan Allen Center.

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Dan Allen Center, Fostering Social Justice through Education

The Dan Allen Center for Social Justice works to foster social justice through education. The Center is working to create awareness of social justice through the publishing of relevant materials and to provide education, service activity opportunities, and training in social justice.  The Center plans to acknowledge achievements in furthering social justice by providing awards to create community awareness and education regarding the cruelty of poverty and to continue the inspiration of Dan Allen, the late founder of Neighbor for Neighbor.

In the late 1960s, Dan Allen, a former Catholic priest, created Neighbor for Neighbor, an organization to help the poor and downtrodden of our community.  Dan’s tenacity helped to lead a crusade that banded together many people of good will – rich and poor, as well as many different races and religious persuasions.  All these neighbors helped each other and created dramatic improvements in schools, nutrition, housing, legal services, medical care, and community understanding of poverty and injustice.  Dan’s service as the conscience of the community proved that working together, we can all bridge the divides that separate us.

In 2012, Center co-published a book about the life and times of Dan Allen written by Ann Patton, a noted Tulsa journalist and writer. The book documents the history of Dan and his uncompromising passion for justice and for the poor.  The book is titled Dan’s War on Poverty: A Grassroots Crusade for Social Justice. Publishers are the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice and APLcorps Books LLC.

"This book reflects Dan Allen’s conflicting rage and compassion, a city’s conflicting humanity and dismissal, and a spiritual determination that conflicted with much religious stance of the day. It's a great read by a great writer."
– Larry Silvey, former editor, Tulsa Magazine.

It is the Center’s hope that the story of Dan Allen’s fight against poverty can inspire us today, tomorrow and for future generations to work toward peace, justice and “unconditional positive regard for all people.”