Mission Statement

To promote social justice through education, outreach, advocacy and demonstration of social justice and caritas.











To achieve its mission, the Center works to create awareness of social justice through the publishing of relevant materials, and will provide education, service activity opportunities, and training on social justice. The Center also conducts outreach and educational events and demonstration projects in schools, churches and other venues, groups and organizations. The Center   acknowledges achievement in social justice by providing awards to people and groups contributing to a better world with greater justice and equity for all.

Board members of the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice include (l to r):Standing: Mike Calnan, Tom Long, Linda Nicholson, Dana Falletti. Seated: Father Bill Skeehan, President; and Carol Falletti, Vice President. Not shown: Lorraine Lowe.












When the Center board organized in 2012, charter board members included: seated, Father Bill Skeehan, president, and Carol Falletti, vice president. Standing, Mike Calnon, Tom Long, Linda Nicholson, and Dana Falletti. Not shown: Lorraine Lowe.

About the Dan Allen Center Board Members

President Emeritus, Father William (Bill) Skeehan

A retired Catholic Priest, Fr. Bill was a volunteer and board member of Tulsa's Neighbor for Neighbor (NFN) organization from its inception and was a close associate and collaborator with NFN's founder, Fr. Dan Allen. In 2014, the Center gave Fr. Skeehan the first Dan Allen Award for Social Justice, in recognition of his lifetime human rights work. 

President, Edwin J. Rossman, Ph.D

Ed Rossman is relatively new to the Center’s board and was elected president in the fall of 2013. Before taking that position, he volunteered his technical expertise to the various endeavors of the Center. Ed is a sociologist by training and has worked in water resources planning for more than 33 years. His career focus has been on social and economic considerations as related to flood risk management, water supply availability, and other aspects of water resources. He was a lead for the Social, Cultural and Historic Consequences for the Federal Interagency Performance Evaluation Team that addressed the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Over the years, he has donated his time to many non-profit organizations in the Tulsa area, including playing music for events and coaching youth sports. Ed also serves as a long-term member of his neighborhood’s homeowners association.

Vice President, Carol Falletti

Carol was an ardent student of the "College of Poverty" as a Certified Medical Technologist /MT(ASCP) and founder of the Neighbor for Neighbor Free Clinic, recognized as a model for poverty clinics throughout the USA. A life-long champion for social justice, Carol was founding vice chair of the Dan Allen Center and a leading advocate in the Center’s mission to continue Dan’s human rights work.

Secretary, Dana Falletti

After working as a Big Five auditor and sports and entertainment consultant in LA, in 1993, Dana switched the focus of her consulting to international and domestic nonprofits. After two years of volunteer service in Africa, Dana provided audit and investigation services to international nonprofits for more than 15 years through FWCG.  Dana retired from FWCG in December 2012 and is now CFO for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SEG foundation, and related companies.

Treasurer, Alan Rowland

Alan is a financial planning manager for the City of Tulsa.  He has worked with or been on boards with interests from religion, education, community service, emergency preparation.

Board member, Gerard A. (Tony) Clyde Jr., Ph.D

Tony Clyde is a limnologist in the federal service specializing in environmental issues including biology and water quality. Dr. Clyde is also adjunct professor in graduate-level environmental and pubic health programs at both Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University. He is past president of the Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association. His broad civic volunteer service also includes numerous boards and committees, including Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and the All Souls Church Community Resources Committee. He is deeply committed to environmental and social justice for all people.

Board member, The Rev. Twila Gibbens

Rev. Gibbens has been the pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Tulsa, since 2001.  Her church has a 20-year hot meal program that serves low-income people every Friday. She has been active in equal rights programs for LGBTQ people, minorities, and women for two decades.

Board member, Jerri Lesikar

Upon receiving a degree in math, Jerri Lesikar worked at Baylor University College of Medicine in biomathmatics research, then at Lockheed (NASA, Houston) in test data reduction.  She was a long-time volunteer in the dispensary at Tulsa’s Neighbor for Neighbor, and her son Dean coordinated NFN’s Circle Housing program.  She is a volunteer at the Tulsa Xavier Medical Clinic and member of the Events Committee for the Dan Allen Center for Social Justice.

Board member, Linda Nicholson

Linda is a teacher by education working in low-income schools. She worked in Community Action and Education for Resurrection Catholic Church from 1990 to 1998. She was prompted to social justice advocacy through her long friendship with Fr. Bill Sheehan and Fr. Dan Allen.
Board member, Tom Long

Born and reared in Tulsa, Tom is an ‘83 graduate of OU with 27 years of project and engineering management experience providing environmental services to the refining and petrochemical industries. Tom is committed to giving back to the community that reared him.

Board member, Ann Patton

Ann Patton is a Tulsa-based writer and consultant. She wrote Dan Allen’s story, Dan’s War on Poverty: A Grassroots Crusade for Social Justice, which she co-published with the Dan Allen Center in 2012. A former Tulsa World journalist who covered Dan’s work in the 1970s, Ann has more than 40 years’ experience in local and national urban affairs, disaster management, and social justice issues. She has written three other books, as well as numerous articles and technical reports.