Every 3 Seconds

Dan Allen Center Presents- “Every 3 Seconds” & Daniel Karslake film director

On Thursday, December10, 2015. The Dan Allen Center sponsored a showing of this film at the Circle Cinema, Tulsa, OK with a in-person conversation with Daniel Karslake, Director “Every 3 Seconds”. Dan also spoke to civic clubs and school groups during his stay, telling the story of ordinary people making a positive change in the world.

“In a society where materialism reigns, what is the real secret to happiness? Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Karslake tells the unforgettable stories of five regular folks – a boy, a college student, a thirty-something and two seniors – whose lives went from ordinary to extraordinary based on one simple decision: to engage. Each chose action over apathy, and in the process, each one has had a significant and lasting impact on two of the most challenging, yet solvable, issues of our time: hunger and extreme poverty.  Every Three Seconds is about doing well by doing good – about changing the world and changing your own life in the process.”